Smart Drugs

The discovery that modafinil, one of the(instant erection pillsmost widespread "smart drugs" , actually improves the cognitive abilities of anyone has been a small revolution in this unknown world. Brokers-dealers, students, workaholics ... spent years using substances such as Adderall or Ritalin to get that extra boost.

But none were suspected entirely effective. (quick erection pillsAt least, not without effort and additional behaviors . by its users Modafinil just joined a list that starts with coffee and nicotine and that has a single purpose: to exceed the limits of our brain and body. At any price?

What is modafinil?

A prescription, like most smart drugs. It was marketed in 1998 as a drug for narcolepsy, but after a few years the public discovered his other qualities:decreased fatigue, sleeplessness, additional concentration on any task, improving memory ... A mental state everything works with extraordinary clarity (although there are cases of hallucinations), there are no distractions, the bed is not missing. Oh, and frequent travelers can forget the jet lag.

I spoke with users of modafinil and match something that published the New York Times in 2004 : those using it can take up to days without sleep , but sleep quietly when they deem it appropriate. Known for years and that made ​​the brand name Provigil -the first of modafinilo- effects had been done in a third of the market for prescription stimulants; almost always for uses not listed on the label.

What are the benefits?

The modafinil multiplied its sales tenfold in its first decade of life and became the drug of choice among people with greater mental stress researchers, computer scientists, students, senior executives. US media hype gave late last decade, while the armed forces of several countries are investigating the substance to createfighter pilots and soldiers standing immune to fatigue (and do not have to consume the usual and most damaging amphetamines ).

It has even been to space, to the astronauts of the International Space Station ... Modafinil is the grail of those who do not want to party drugs and altered states of consciousness live: only to be more effective.

Even Hollywood paid attention. The film "Without Limits" (2011) showed a Bradley Cooper able to "get a 100% brain performance" with a magic pill. Of course, Hollywood pill, inspired by the substance- it became a superhuman. And the premise will become series this fall , just in time to coincide with the confirmation of the "superpowers" of modafinil.

What are the risks?

The cultural problem is obvious: in the time we start using illegal substances to enhance our performance are establishing a kind of "doping everyday" . That is not new, the difference is that now the stereotype of enfarlopado broker has been replaced by a more "healthy" habits that consume a pill instead of four million lines. (how to get harder erections

James McGoguh, a psychiatrist at UCLA, said to The Atlantic that few adults "will suffer terrible effects from consuming these substances. They are safe." Does the argument of the article? Millions of adults consume time and nobody is dying. The problem is that no one is quite sure of its long term effects. Because there are still no investigations that go beyond the two years and a half of use.


Apart from the adverse effects and drug interactions that have everything Here's the prospect for our country , the greatest fear is the expert Barbara Sahakian is that "affect sleep architecture" . Sahakian, clinical neuropsychologist at the University of Cambridge, has spent years investigating the drug, after realizing its popularity among college students.

Other users agree that when activated can become antisocial : the mind is focused on the task you have ahead, which can be anything from a technical manual to devour a game of Angry Birds that makes you lose the bus stop or the notion of time-. It is also suspected that the drug is very addictive if abused . And Sahakian also warns of another problem: the Internet.

Nature magazine, which devoted a couple of articles the use of modafinil by students, made ​​a survey of its readers. The 34% of them went to the Internet to do with drugs. And Sahakian's warning in The Guardian is applicable to any substance extra-legal:

"Lots of people, especially students, are getting [modafinil] via the Internet, so I do not know what they are buying. It could be anything. It does not come from a reliable source, do not know if it is contaminated, and do not know if it's safe take."

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Is it easy to get?

The Silk Road, the bazaar of drugs Deep Web (closed in 2013 after the arrest of its creator Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced this year to life imprisonment without possibility of parole), also he played a role in the rise of modafinil and more dubious "smart drugs" , such as Ritalin / Rubifen (methylphenidate).

An investigation by Nicolas Christin for Carnegie Mellon University revealed that excluding prescription drugs benzodiazepines, sedatives popular in the United States were the third most popular substance of the black market. . Marijuana, hard drugs and pharmaceuticals, in that order CNBC summarized the results in this graph: (cool math games)