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My Diet Coach - Weight Loss application for women

Available in Portuguese version under the name "My Diet Advisor", this free app (compatible with iOS and Android) weight loss for women (Adipex) and calorie calculator, bet on the motivational side and the commitment of the user to lose weight quickly.

In fact, the application promises to motivate her, helping her stay on track, resisting the cravings for fattening foods, and exercising regularly without laziness, and other challenges through: (Phentermine)

  • Motivational arguments and guidelines
  • Reminders useful and necessary (drinking water several times a day, eat healthy food, log into your diet your daily meal plan, etc.)
  • Creating daily challenges to be followed (go to the gym, running, walking, home exercise, avoiding junk food, eat healthy foods, etc.(Buy Adipex)
  • Diet diary and calorie calculator (calories eaten and calories burned)
  • BMI calculator (Body Index Massa)
  • Frequently notifications based on your goal
  • Motivational pictures and weight charts
  • Panic button (against desires for certain foods)
  • Perseverance Tips (just tap the button obstacle you are facing and will appear relevant motivational tips with inspiring pictures)
  • Bank online food data (takes into consideration what you eat in your daily meals)
  • Full integration with Apple Health app for weight, calories and nutrients (your data is shared with Health only according to their permissions and preferences). (Phentermine Reviews)

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And like "My Diet Coach" was developed for women, the screens are colorful and well drawn, and using the application, you earn virtual recompenas for their achievements! (Adipex Side Effects)

The application is based on the belief that the key to weight loss focuses on the real difficulties (self-discipline and motivation). Due to the good compatibility, you can use it along with other weight loss applications or online programs.

Finally, another option to help and motivate those who are trying to lose weight!


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