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original mini iPad is no longer sold By Reuben Campanacho | June 23, 2015
iPad mini Retina (7)
The device was removed from the Apple website and Apple Stores last Friday (19).
The product was launched in October 2012 is no longer available to be purchased by fans of the brand. This was the device that ushered in a new philosophy of the company's design, marking tendency to tablets that were launched after him, all coming up with the same design. (Wallets for men)
With the arrival of the iPad mini and iPad mini 2 3, the original tablet found a drop in sales. He had been cut in the price several times, coming now to the point of being removed from the portfolio of the company's products.
The Mini iPad first generation with its three years on the market was already a little outdated compared to newer models, being the only one of the three iPad's mini that had no retina display or a 64-bit processor, as standard features in latest handsets from Apple.
You can still find the tablet in retailers such as in the Amazon until the exhausted stocks.